Water Cooler Dispensers

Aqua Blue Water endorses and sells only the best water coolers on the market: Thermo Concepts Water Cooler Dispensers. Thermo Concepts is a Canadian based company, and has a high standard of quality in their products. With its quality components and sturdy polyethylene body, which is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, scratches and dents Thermo Concepts products offer the best price-quality ratio on the market. Water cooler dispensers can come in a variety of colors; optional cup dispensers are also available.


Thermo Concepts is very proud to meet and/or exceed ENERGY STAR certificate levels. ENERGY STAR provides a trustworthy label on over 60 product categories (and thousands of models) for the home and office. These products deliver the same or better performance as comparable models while using less energy and saving money.


Water Dispenser Products

Click on each model for model information and specifications:


soleau Water Cooler
kelvin Water Cooler
fahrenheit Water Cooler
celsius Water Cooler


Cima Water Cooler
S2 Water Cooler


The Sea and Oceans Series

The Sea and Oceans collection features innovative models with sophisticated designs that combine flexibility, hygiene, and easy maintenance. These three water dispensers distinguish themselves by their high-flow faucets, convenient removable reservoir and functional parts that can be easily cleaned to continually serve water at its best.


Nordik Water Cooler
Baltik water cooler
Pacifik Water Cooler

Once you decided on  your favorite water dispenser, Aqua Blue can also offer bottled water delivery right to your home or office. Click here for details.